Otter spotting

Otter spotting

A few hours sitting peacefully by the side of a Borders river, watching the world go by, managed a few frames of a pair of otters catching an evening snack.

The Fuji X-T2 with the Fuji XF 100-400/4.5-5.6 providing a fantastic combination for this, some work on my part is needed to fine tune the AF setup, these creatures are fast moving and not that large in the evf, 

A couple of images and the almost mandatory Heron watching.


360 Theta : Selkirk Common Riding 2017 / Royal Burgh Standard Bearer / Kieran Riddell

360 Theta : Selkirk Common Riding 2017 / Royal Burgh Standard Bearer / Kieran Riddell

Selkirk Common Riding 2017 

Royal Burgh Standard Bearer  Kieran Riddell

Attendants: Peter Forrest, Sam Coltherd, Robbie Reilly, Thomas Willmott    

Merchant Co                                         Stuart Hogarth        

Hammermen                                          Fraser Tough  

Colonial                                                  Martin Murray

Fleshers                                                  Darren Hoggan       

Weavers                                                 Kevin Nicoll

Ex-Service                                              Alex Ballantyne

Always carry a camera

Always carry a camera

An early drive and this faces you, grabbed the XT2 and the 16-55


26.03.2017. Springwood Showground / River Tweed , Kelso, UK.
Kelso Sunrise
Kelso Sunrise, the view over the river tweed on Mothering Sunday
(Photo: Rob Gray )
A single viewpoint with the X-T2 and a couple of lenses

A single viewpoint with the X-T2 and a couple of lenses

Landscapes, as most people that know me is not within my normal remit, I find it difficult to capture and create some of the wonderful images that adorn office walls and displays across the area. despite living in one of the most scenic parts of the lowlands of Scotland.

Anyway…. I took the camera bag out for a drive, parked up and decided to bolt the camera to the trusty old Manfrotto, my 055B will be 25 this year! as old as me if you transpose the digits!

So with the X-T2 on sturdy legs, not mine, what to take….

I have always said photography is about seeing, stand and look around, use your eyes, they are the lenses of our brain, just like the glass in our camera set up, no point just point and click, take a look around and visualise the landscape , the scenery, you will start to form images and compositions on your mind, then start making images, don’t “take” anything…

Make the image you visualise, use the camera to record the scene…

Hope you enjoy today’s few frames.


Fuji X-T2 treading the boards..

Fuji X-T2 treading the boards..

It’s been a couple of years since I covered stage productions, and that was using the Nikon D4S. The challenge ? was the X-T2 as capable under the managed stage lighting.

Selkirk Opera where putting on a production of Thoroughly Modern Millie, and a short notice commission to document the stage sets and a dress rehearsal gave me a chance to find out.

A few images below show the camera working at 2000/3200 iso, no issues, the AF tracked well and the huge bonus, an almost silent workflow.

Miss Dorothy Brown ( Yvonne Mitchell ) and Mr Trevor Graydon ( Robin Murray )
Mrs Meers ( Val McLean )
Millie Dilmount ( Rachel Inglis )


Fuji working hard in media jobs

Fuji working hard in media jobs

A commission to cover a site tour and official opening of a new plant near Edinburgh.

Fuji X-T2 / 50-140 / 16-55 / 10-24

Media Release:

02.03.2017. Millerhill AD Plant, Edinburgh, UK.
Millerhill AD Plant – Official Opening
(Photo: Rob Gray )

Councillors from Midlothian and The City of Edinburgh Councils today paid a visit to the Zero Waste Parc in Millerhill to see for themselves how a new state of the art facility will turn the region’s food waste into renewable energy.

Cllr Derek Rosie, Cabinet Member for Commercial Operations at Midlothian Council and Cllr Lesley Hinds, Environment Convenor at The City of Edinburgh Council were visiting the recently completed Millerhill Anaerobic Digestion plant to mark its official opening.

This facility, which was constructed by Alauna Renewable Energy, a partnership between Kelda Organic Energy and Scottish Water Horizons, is capable of recycling all of the discarded food that is collected by the two Councils, plus some additional waste from local businesses and industries.

The site captures methane gas generated from Anaerobic Digestion to and uses it to generate renewable electricity. The electricity will be utilised by Scottish Water at their local water treatment works and is the equivalent of powering 3300 homes.