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A single viewpoint with the X-T2 and a couple of lenses

Landscapes, as most people that know me is not within my normal remit, I find it difficult to capture and create some of the wonderful images that adorn office walls and displays across the area. despite living in one of the most scenic parts of the lowlands of Scotland.

Anyway…. I took the camera bag out for a drive, parked up and decided to bolt the camera to the trusty old Manfrotto, my 055B will be 25 this year! as old as me if you transpose the digits!

So with the X-T2 on sturdy legs, not mine, what to take….

I have always said photography is about seeing, stand and look around, use your eyes, they are the lenses of our brain, just like the glass in our camera set up, no point just point and click, take a look around and visualise the landscape , the scenery, you will start to form images and compositions on your mind, then start making images, don’t “take” anything…

Make the image you visualise, use the camera to record the scene…

Hope you enjoy today’s few frames.


Fuji 90mm f/2 XF R LM WR and the Macro Extension Tube 11mm – MCEX-11

Today was a test day and trial for Fuji gear, and i managed to sneak a few frames of my own while the testing went on, i took a chance to use the wonderful Fuji 90mm f/2 XF R LM WR prime lens used in conjunction with the tiny 11mm extension tube.

It turns the lens into a very usable macro set up.

just sharing a few frames for fun.

Fuji G.A.S. – the move from Nikon

Less than 12 months ago I was a total dedicated Nikon user,

Everything from 16mm fisheye thru to a 400/2.8 the 200-400/4 and all the best of Nikon’s 2.8 or 1.4 lenses.

All matched to the Nikon D4S as well as a tasty collection of SB900 speedlights and the amazing WT5 wireless transmitters.

Then after having had a Fuji Xpro1, a birthday gift from a landmark celebration the year before ( yeah I was getting old !).

Things in photography had changed, the amount of work I was doing for National Press, was changing into a nice selection of corporate clients.

Nikon’s next flagship on the horizon the D5, but this wee Fuji X system from the East had caught my eye, thanks to the work of Jeff Carter and John Rourke,

both amazing photographers that had moved to the Fuji and were capturing some amazing action and corporate imagery from the WEC and ELMS motorsports championships

as well as Jeff working on some amazing landscape work.

The seed was sown, after a few facebook messages to Jeff in Dunbar and various phone calls, a visit to see him and have a proper chat on the cards.

the costs involved in the impending upgrade to the D5 ….. £10800 just for the bodies, not forgetting the WT6 update, and possible a nice wee lens in there.

It was going to be serious expense, then theX-T1 grabbed my attention.

yes it’s a cropped sensor camera ! so what, yes it weighs in at a fraction of the D4S 0r D5, it has access to some of the best-made lenses

I have used in a good while and the cost !! well I could for the price of one D5 buy 3 Fuji XT1 bodies with grips and still have a few pounds left for spare batteries!

Would my clients notice….. more tomorrow, but tonight I leave you with an image of the gear that has changed me.