A single viewpoint with the X-T2 and a couple of lenses

Landscapes, as most people that know me is not within my normal remit, I find it difficult to capture and create some of the wonderful images that adorn office walls and displays across the area. despite living in one of the most scenic parts of the lowlands of Scotland.

Anyway…. I took the camera bag out for a drive, parked up and decided to bolt the camera to the trusty old Manfrotto, my 055B will be 25 this year! as old as me if you transpose the digits!

So with the X-T2 on sturdy legs, not mine, what to take….

I have always said photography is about seeing, stand and look around, use your eyes, they are the lenses of our brain, just like the glass in our camera set up, no point just point and click, take a look around and visualise the landscape , the scenery, you will start to form images and compositions on your mind, then start making images, don’t “take” anything…

Make the image you visualise, use the camera to record the scene…

Hope you enjoy today’s few frames.