/Fujifilm – Thank You

Fujifilm – Thank You

A challenge for any photographer is to stay fresh and up to date, after finding his style. 

 – Working with Fujifilm X series since my total migration in March 2016 from Nikon after 19 years, was not an easy challenge.

The last few months the Fuji X-T2 has taken me all the way back to my basics in photography,

Shooting jpeg in camera, images sooc, using prime lenses and using my feet to compose and my eyes to see.

Challenges that make you feel more involved, for me photography is a passion, and my aim is to create images which convey not only the subject matter but hopefully give the viewer pleasure

I do take images for clients, I do make images for myself, the emotion and passion for in a strong image has the power and impact to make changes.


Fujifilm, Thank you for helping me find my spark again.

02.September.2017. MidStock Festival, Dalkeith Country Park, Dalkeith, UK.
2017 MidStock Festival in Dalkeith Country Park,
The Skids, Scottish Punk rock and new wave band formed in Fife in 1977 on the main stage on Saturday 2nd September 2017 September.
(Photo Credit: Rob Gray)